About Me

Every thought, every emotion, every dream one has can be captured on canvas if one has the right tools to be able to do so. I am fortunate enough to possess a skill that allows me to exhibit my thoughts, emotions, and dreams in the form of paintings. Surrealism allows me to do so in a way that I may exaggerate the features of my subjects. In most of my paintings, I try to capture the dynamism of my subject matter- it is always my aim to highlight the incorporeal features of my subjects, such as those of aggression, speed, courage, insecurity. These are mostly portrayed by making the subject larger than usual, or too small. Sometimes, adding extra features such as plants, feathers, and other elements which would not traditionally define the subject also helps.
I believe that this form of artwork encourages a person to reflect on the characteristics represented in it. Most of the inspiration for these paintings comes from the objects that the viewers would have seen in their own lives. This makes such artwork present a sense of familiarity for the viewer. The artwork is approachable, and perhaps even helps the viewers get in touch with their own emotions.
This website not only contains what I deem to be some of my best works and the ones which taught me the most. These paintings contain a part of my soul in every stroke.

Solo Exhibitions
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