For You

I see my artwork as a word bracelet, as a string is important to tie the word blocks together, I feel for my art this string is the thought behind the painting and the word blocks are the paint I put on the canvas. Often we value and identify the bracelet by the jewels which are visible to us, however, if the string wasn’t strong enough to support the jewels, the bracelet wouldn’t have even existed. Just how a strong string is important for a bracelet. A thought and a story are important for me and my paintings.
A Guruvinayak is meant for every soul who looks at it, the one who is observant and keen to know the why of things. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, your emotions are no different from what another feels, and that’s why anyone can relate to a Guruvinayak. Any painting by me is a representation of the human soul and its multiple facets. Every color used by me represents an emotion you might have felt; every stroke that I make is like a gust of wind that may have swept over you.
I do not wish to tell you how to perceive yourself, and perhaps this is my way of describing how you and I are no different. Happy viewing!